Low code platform for enterprise blockchain

Build, manage and deploy smart contracts visually. We even generate the APIs for you!

Smart Studio helps your team code, deploy and integrate blockchain solutions saving significant time and resources that would go into hiring and developing specialized talent.

Key Features

Smart contracts

Select a use case and build your own customized smart contracts - visually

API development

We generate the required APIs to interact with your smart contracts - automatically!

Network governance

Share smart contracts across organizations to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page

One click deploy

Deploy your contracts on our network, or let us help you use your own infrastructure

Get Started

Help us know you better, please share your details.If you are interested in multiple use cases or have any specific questions, please mention them below. We will get back to you with customized case studies and pricing.


Go through our demos to get a feel for our visual editor. Select a use case to build and download your customized smart contract. Follow the testing guide and familiarise yourself with basic concepts. This is for demo purposes only, for production ready code and APIs please get in touch with us.

Supply Chain

Track the production, movement, sale and transformation of products as they move through your supply chain.

Use cases: Meat, vaccinations, agri-products, dry fruits, diamonds

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Corporate Governance

Track the transfer of company shares amongst stakeholders. Create company proposals and record e-votes on them.

Use cases: Share management and e-voting for organizations, general elections

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Asset Tokenization

Tokenize non-fungible assets, enabling fractional ownership by users. Create, issue and trade your own coins.

Use case- Real estate, cars, collectables, bonds, crypto-kitties

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